Saturday, December 1, 2018

NaNoWriMo Winner 2018

Yesterday I wrote 50,000 words. And did the word count, and realized that I'd typed EXACTLY 50,000. A bit uncanny, and I wasn't sure how or why that worked.

So I typed one more word.

Just to one up myself.

50,001 words. 

And some of those words I quite like. I think that last one is a gem, for example. I also used 'nuclear', 'squished', 'whetstone', 'dazzled', 'crossguard', and 'empyrean', all of which are enjoyable in their own special way. 

New terms include 'rose biscuit' and 'saberfish'.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

LDStorymakers Conference Report!

Last week, I went to LDStorymakers writer's conference in Provo, UT, at the suggestion of a dear friend of mine, Chris Jones, who, by the way, has encouraged me to do many good writerly things. Go visit his Patreon page.

Anyway. Storymakers.


I made new friends, took 23 pages of notes and got inspired. I met many wonderful people. I even met Janette Rallison! She taught one of the classes I went to, and I'm a fan.

Her books are funny. 

They're funny enough that even though I'm definitely not among her target audience, I'll STILL read them. I just finished this one.

It's sweet and ridiculous. And funny, of course. Click the picture to see the Amazon description.

Yah. That's pretty great. (The other books I'm recommending are linked, too. Click 'em.)

Janette Rallison is just as funny in person. She's also very kind - she gave me books to give to my students, and even signed them first. 

Janette is also in a new YouTube show for writers called 'So You Think You Can Write'. First page critiques in a game show format. If you're a writer, you might want to watch it. You might even want to submit a page. They're kind, AND they're honest. 

Matthew J Kirby was there, too, and his class on 'Show, Don't Tell' was mind-blowing. Matt writes some of the best historical fiction I have ever read in my life. Buy Matt's books. They're fantastic. I can recommend especially this one.

It isn't STRICT historical fiction. There's magic, too. Which is a bonus, as far as I'm concerned.. But wow, he gets his history RIGHT. He is also a kind and genuine human being, which are my favorite kind of human beings. 

I met A.L. Sowards, too. I had a good talk with her at the signing tables. She writes historical fiction as well. I asked her which book I should start with. She recommended (after talking with me and getting to know me) this one:

Yup. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I'm going to. That's EXACTLY my kind of book. How did she manage to read me like that? I don't know. Good job, Ms. Sowards. :)

There were so many other cool people, too. I'm going again next year. It's happening. This conference is too good to pass up.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I Don't Like The New Star Wars, Cause They Betrayed Han

Okay, so, true confession time. I haven't seen the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. And it's because of golden bathrobes. 

Just kidding.

Really, it's about the many good things about the original trilogy having Bantha crap smeared all over them. 

Luke Skywalker, quitting? Never. He might as well have turned to the dark side. Han Solo, running out on his family and becoming a smuggler again? A CRAPPIER SMUGGLER THAN BEFORE? 

Han Solo came back to the Death Star to save Luke. Then stuck around for the Rebellion for years, because he didn't suck and there was always good in him. He ran out to find Luke on Hoth, risking his life to find his lost friend.

You tell me this is a Han Solo who wouldn't have gone across a galaxy looking for Luke?

He faced death with calm and dignity in The Empire Strikes Back. He comforted Chewie when confronted with being frozen in carbonite.

You tell me that's a Han Solo who would wimp out on his wife and run off to go be a wuss?


Yes, he's a scoundrel. But scoundrel or no, he wasn't a coward. 

Ruffian, pirate, braggart? 

Yes, yes, yes. Guilty on all counts.

Never a coward.

And there is something about the way he faced his death, there, in that scene, and in a few others, that tells me that Han Solo is made of sterner stuff than perhaps the new Star Wars movies would like me and you to think.

I refuse to accept The Force Awaken's version of events. Star Wars has lost its way, and I do not think it shall find it again. I haven't seen any Star Wars films since The Force Awakens. The prequels were bad enough. These sequels are a new level of bad.

I'm sorry if that means that we can't be friends. As for me, it's all right if you love something I hate. My mom loves tomatoes, and she and I are still friends, so... 

I once literally barfed onto my plate when I tried to eat one of these. My mom stopped making me eat tomatoes after that.

Please don't make me watch any more bad Star Wars movies. I might barf.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


My parents gave me a birthday present early this year. Like, really early...

It's a Rogue RA-090! Here's a crappy cellphone picture!

Had it for a few weeks now, actually. And I've got calluses. And it feels good to have calluses, although it didn't feel super good when I was getting them.

Speaking of crappy cellphone pictures, I dropped my cellphone into the Great Salt Lake. And it still works! It didn't phase my phone in the slightest! It's a cheap ZTE Walmart special, because I can't make myself pay more than $30 for a phone still, but I've been impressed so far.

Here's to cheap stuff that works. :) <raises glass>

Friday, April 20, 2018

Kathleen Duey

Kathleen Duey, a writer who was very, very kind to me when I had just finished my first book, is in need right now.

I adore Kathleen. She has a soul filled with warmth and generosity. I will remember her in my prayers.