Friday, January 27, 2012

I know. I missed Poetry Thursday.

But I have a really good reason: the internet died. At least at our house.

And rather than make a fake Poetry Thursday on a Friday, I've decided to simply move on *sniffle* because that's... that's what yesterday would have wanted. It would have wanted us to live in today. *sniff* Rest in peace, yesterday. We hardly knew ye.

And... fair warning: I've got some college/career stuff I gotta take care of, so it might be spotty blogging for a bit, depending on how well I juggle my time. (I need practice juggling anyway, I tend to drop it everywhere.) But I still love you. Okay?



  1. I'm glad you're honoring yesterday's last wishes. Although, I do like poetry! Is it stuff you've written or ohters' poetry?

    1. Depends. :) If I have a poem I've written that I feel like posting, I'll post that. BUT... there is so much good stuff that other people have posted that I'll sometimes refer people to that.

      Let me know if you've got some posted somewhere that you'd like me to mention some Thursday! (And that goes for anybody.)