Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Refreshing Suggestion for Writing Time

I've been reading and making comments on a website called, a site for new writers who want to show their work and improve. It has been GREAT. I've found some writing on there that has made me choke up with feeling, awed me with cleverness, and wowed me with sheer young talent. Sometimes all three in one.

There is so much good that comes of commenting, critiquing and complementing someone else's work, without any promise of payback. It's wonderful! I recommend it to every writer. I've worked time just to serve other writers into my writing system. If I do it with the right heart, the right attitude, it feels good, fulfilling, satisfying. It gets my mind off of my own shoddy work, if nothing else. And sometimes it helps the other writer, too. :)

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