Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poetry Thursday #4 ish...

I missed last week... so I'm not sure if that makes this #3 or #4. Oh well.

I've been working on a poem for a while... but the topic is one that is worth getting right, and I haven't got it right yet. So... I shall refer you to this poem on Inkpop, as today's tribute to poetry.

Fun, yes? Cute. Even though I HATE math, I liked this poem. It's a little rough still, but you can tell the author has worked on it.


  1. I hate math too. I even wrote a poem in high school where I "rhymed" "mathematics" with "acrobatics." Haha, pretty cheesy, but the inkpop poem is good.

  2. You know, lots of writers hate math, for some strange reason. :) And I feel like I run into the evil math teacher archetype in kids books way more than I run into the evil English teacher archetype.