Friday, March 9, 2012

Concept Art and Writing (MyNoWriMo Day 8)

Sometimes visuals help us to understand our stories better. I hereby present some concept art for my current WIP.

This is where some of the things in my book have been happening, earlier on in the story.

Not today's word count, though, at least, not yet. Today's work happened in a variety of places, but I didn't spend any time in the forest. I'm writing this book completely out of order... well, not completely. But out of order enough that I jump from place to place, back and forth. I find that it helps my free-flowing writing process to go more smoothly if I allow it to write whatever scene it wants to write at that point, chronological or not.

One of today's scenes involved an uncomfortable number of... something like one of these things.

I don't know if that scene will make it into the actual book. But it was fun to write. :) My beloved alphas and betas will help me in this regard... once I fix it up enough to decide it's worth using. That's the idea with this whole word count thing. I wrote it, and I was like... dude, that was totally lame. But I left it. And maybe later I'll come back to it and go... whoa... genius.

There are also several tense scenes that occur in and around a place like this one:

The water is murky black, and still. On the surface, one could call it calm, only I don't think that is the right word. Calm is a word for a thing at rest. The stillness of the swamp in my story is far more like something watching... and waiting.

5,304 words so far today. I'll update this blog again late tonight. I'll have written more.
36,501 words to date.

Last sentence: They did not wake for some time.

How do you guys use pictures in your writing endeavors? Where do you get good public domain photos?


  1. Wikimedia is a good place to look for photos or pictures that are in Public domain.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your seems very dark, and your swamp is wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Megan. :)

      Now that I think of it, it is kind of a dark, grim setting, although I don't feel like it's a dark story. I don't know the ending yet, though... I hope things turn out well.

  2. I love the swamp photo. Or lake? Maybe it's a pondlakeswampthing.

    I like to set my computer background to whatever setting I'm writing. Gets me in the mood.

    1. That's genius, Rain. I hadn't even considered that.

      WRITERS. Take notes from Rain.