Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello, all. :)

Yes. I've been a negligent blogger of late. My apologies. I have several reasons, but reasons, when spoken aloud, often turn into excuses. Suffice it to say that I let Block get the best of me. Darn him.

One of my dear alpha readers saved my neck. I was talking to her, telling her my woes of being stuck, badly stuck, the worst I've been stuck for this whole month, and she said to stop focusing on the word count and focus on the story.

Brilliant. I still had some trouble, but her advice got me out of the sandpit. Rather than focusing on how far I had to go before I was 'caught up' I needed to focus more on the narrative, the direction, the words themselves. So I sat down and wrote.

7,500 words in yesterday's sessions, the most I've written in a single 24 hour period so far. I was up until about 3:00AM to do it... but I did it.

62,933 words total as of right now. I put in about 2k words this morning.  I'll probably write more tonight. I'm still not quite caught up to where I should be, but I'm doing better. Focus on the story, people, not the word count, and the word count will come. (Keep the word count in mind, though...)

Here is a place where they experience a small moment of safety. 

Cave entrances and subterranean settings have always fascinated me. 

Written a big part of the ending, and now I've got to create the connective tissue to make it a part of the body of the novel. There were a few surprises.

Question - what sorts of things stop you from writing when you know you should? :)


  1. Oh dude... welcome back!!! I was going to email and check on you tonight if you didn't post. I was worried, okay? (I'm man enough to admit that.) I missed your posts--progress or not!)

    What keeps me from writing when I should be writing? In a nutshell? Thinking too much. I have realized this within the past week thanks to some wonderful comments by some wonderful visitors to my blog. The more I over-think the plot, the easier it is to stop up the brain. (And you do know what I'm paraphrasing, right?)

    Write well and prosper...
    May the muse be with you...
    But Jean De La Bruyere's quote is too good to mangle: "Out of difficulties grow miracles."

    1. I like that quote. It reminds me of something that a man I knew once said 'You will find that your adversities will become your most beloved schoolmasters'.

  2. Life. Sometimes things just get in the way of doing what you want to do.

    Keep on writing, I'm really interested in where this story is going. :)

  3. The triumphant return!
    That's a lot of words in one day... Congratulations!
    I think the most usual stopper of my writing is an aversion to make my brain work with words when it would be easier to be a butterfly trainer.

  4. Oh my gosh . . . 7,500 words? That's really cool.

    The pictures of places in your story are a nice touch. It's amazing how helpful images can be when you're trying to make a scene vibrant.

    1. Yes... photos and pictures are wonderful to gain an understanding. You as a photographer would know, especially. :) I wish that they still illustrated novels like they used to in the old days. I hope that comes back into style.

  5. Very impressive word count! How do you manage to write that much? What keeps me from writing like I want to is those days when the words are hard-won through struggle, and I eventually hit a wall and have to stop. That, and time in general. By the way, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Details are on my blog :).