Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MyNoWriMo Day 10

Hard day today. :) Tomorrow will be better.

Final Sentence: She told her story. It was strange.

Daily - 2198
Total - 42215

And I spent some time in a place like this one.

The streets are empty.


  1. Wow. You're almost up to regular Nano word count. And for a hard day, 2200 words isn't too bad!

    I tagged you on my blog, if you feel like taking any awards. Although, I guess MyNo-ing doesn't give you much time for that sort of thing!

  2. Looks to me like you're making good progress! 2,000 words a day is a lot. (Especially for me, I'm a slow writer.) Keep up the good work!

  3. Doesn't look like a slow day to me. I usually quit after 2000 words. I almost never wrote more, unless I was behind. I guess I have limits.

    Anyway, wish I was wandering around empty streets like that, even if they're in a book.