Saturday, March 3, 2012

MyNoWriMo Day 3 (Updated)

4630 words today - will probably do some more late tonight, but posting now.

Second to last sentence:

It would be able to move much more quickly now.

I came home from work and wrote more. My total for the day is 5,149, and my grand total is 12,178. 

Writers, there is something to writing as fast and hard as we can every single day - my capacity is growing, and that horrible sinking feeling that says I can't do it is dying. I am wondering why I have never done this before - it's incredible. There will be heavy revisions, sure, but the scenes are coming easier and easier and they are more and more in line with my vision for the project.

And... I'm having tons of fun writing this. Who would have thought? Deadlines and daily word goals can actually make writing MORE fun, instead of a chore! Granted, some deadlines aren't fun, and sure, it can be frustrating... but when I don't give myself the choice to be blocked, stuff gets written, and I feel great. It's like working out - sometimes not fun to do, but the effects can be very worth it.

Two minor-ish characters introduced themselves today to my main characters. I like both of the two new ones. I don't know what one of them is going to have to do with the story, but she seems important, so I'm going to let her stay and see what effects she has.

And, the true final sentence of the day...

There was no use building a thing that would follow orders from just anyone.


  1. I've stopped by a couple times already today to check on your progress. (no pressure) Three days and nearly a quarter of the way done! Dude, I'm proud of ya!

  2. Wow! That's fast!!

    I gave you an award on my blog. It's nice and cute so you're going to love it! :)