Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MyNoWriMo Day 6

3,606 words so far today
25,032 total.

Ending sentence:

The woman hunched over, her eyes hollow, defeated. "We were so close."

I may write more tonight, late, should I have time... but then again, this might be it for the day. There are hints of what the end might be, and they are starting to come out in my writing.

Haven't decided what I'll do should the story end before the 100,000 word mark. But I guess I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. Thoughts?


  1. Wow, 100,000. Is this an adult novel or YA? I guess if it's YA fantasy/steampunkish that length works. It's like double NaNo! But you're right on track.

  2. No need to bloat a story just to meet a word count. Of course, no need to trim a story to keep from exceeding a word count either--in my humble opinion... well, maybe if there's money involved. :-) I'm VERY glad to see you running with this and being so successful at it. Being a discovery writer, this must be a blast for you!

  3. I'm fairly certain that there is enough story to tell 100,000 words worth and still be interesting. It is YA - so it'd be a longer YA, but since it's fantasy I think I can get away with it, like Rain said.

    I think what I'll do if the story concludes early is go back through, see if I need to beef up the descriptions anywhere (my writing tends to be sparse on the descriptions) and then if I feel good about it, I'll put the rest of the wordage into the beginning of another story. So 100,000 words will stay the goal no matter what.

    And then the editing will happen. :) Oh... I'm so looking forward to the rewrite.

  4. Sometime while writing it is better to stop and re-read what you have wrote. More descriptions would maybe help if you haven't put in enough, but I am loving what you have already wrote!

    Thanks for the comment! I little light relief works wonders....;-)

  5. 100,000 words... That's like a dream for me, since my novels always end up so... Well, let's just say not 100,000 words. But you seem to be making good progress! I just broke the 30K mark too, and I'm uber excited. Props to you and keep up the good work!