Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Good Reasons to Hang With Gandalf

For 600 bonus points, who can tell me why I used this symbol?

I'm a sicko today, folks. The sinus infection kind of sicko. It's not good. I don't feel like doing anything... but I did, anyway, darn it. I finished 'Till We Have Faces', which was WAY interesting, didn't know how my good friend Clive was going to pull that one off, but he did. If anybody knows how to put his characters through the wringer, Lewis does.

And... I painted some more.

I decided to go with a white, blue and gold theme. It only seemed fitting. And I really didn't want to have to re-paint my test model AGAIN. The problem is, those colors look better with a white base coat, so I've been repainting everybody. After six re-paints, I needed a break. So I got out, and painted, the one and only...



And then I started thinking about what it would be like to chill with the G-Man for a bit. Thus... today's post.


1. Fireworks rock. Although his size are probably illegal in my state... if he gets caught.

2. Who else do you know who can talk to moths?

3. Glow in the dark staff tip... I can think of six or seven ways that'd come in handy, without even trying. 

4. Sweet ride. Shadowfax has got to be a major babe magnet. Girls love horses. So I'm told.

Aaaaaaanyway, so I was sick... yeah.

 Thing is, the poor guy's been on the 'to be painted' list for years. Heck, he's even had the base coat and part of his cloak done for most of that time... sheesh. All those years I missed out on this kind of awesomeness in my collection.

I really like his hat. I kind of want one. Another perk to hanging out with Gandalf - I could ask him where he shops at. And maybe suggest a place he could get a trim, if he wanted one. I happen to know a very good stylist. I think we'd have a positive influence on each other, y'know?


  1. When I think of Gandalf, I always think of Woden.
    They both wore big hats with wide brims, and they are cool dressers.
    That symbol looks a lot like the Runic Fehu, which means cattle and wealth, but I'm not thinking too well after my wisdom teeth removal.

    Sinus is a real pain in the face, and I feel like I've been hit in the face by a cricket bat! :(

    1. "When I think of Gandalf, I always think of Woden.
      They both wore big hats with wide brims, and they are cool dressers."

      There's a reason he makes you think of Odin (Woden,) Gandalf was based on Odin's "wandering old man" persona.

  2. I'd like to hang with Gandalf because he might get me a ride with the eagles. Waaay cool that would be.

    Oh, and I tagged you for "The Lucky 7 Meme" on my blog if you care to participate. Details are at: Strands of Pattern. Me thinks after all that writing you did last month there should be something good to share. :-)