Monday, April 23, 2012

DOUBLE PRIZES! (Well, double posts, anyway.)

Okay, blogger is fighting me this morning. WHAT THE HECK. But you know what? I'm not bitter.

Thought I'd post some update pics this morning, and then do a regular post tonight. TWO POSTS IN A DAY! Holy cowabunga, Batman!

:) This is fun. I love you guys.

First of all, I painted another miniature that has been in my drawer far too long.

Elrond, Master of Rivendell

I was a little disappointed with this sculpt, to be honest. It doesn't do him justice. His face is big enough that it might be worth painting eyebrows on him. (I will do a little more fine detail work before I put the finish on him.) And when you're only an inch tall, that means you have a pretty big face. But, I was sick, and I needed a break from painting these guys...

So Elrond got his paint, finally. And now, Elrond and Gandalf can keep counsel together over the fate of Middle Earth! :D

And here's Elrond, looking out epically from the gardens of Rivendell.

Alright, for 300 bonus points... what's the name of Elrond's sword (which he loaned to Arwen for the movie)? :)