Monday, April 9, 2012

An Evil Genius' Guide to Being Evil (EGGBE) - AGAIN!!!

I did it again.

Only, this time, it was Hastings, not Barnes and Noble, and The Civil Wars, not Nickel Creek.

Who are The Civil Wars, you ask? Well, they're kind of weird. But I like them. They're kind of like a more serious Nickel Creek, only different.

Isn't that harmony amazing?

But anyway, I downloaded 'I've Got This Friend'... from Amazon, in HASTINGS. Ha. Ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA!!!

And that, dear friends, is what the sound of awesome renegade defiance sounds like.

In the interest of good form, I bought a comic book while I was there. Because my misspent youth wasn't quite long enough to get all the comic books in that I needed to read, so I got an extension. 

I'm kind of going through a quarter-life crisis right now? Y'know? Hence - comic books. I've never bought a comic book in my LIFE from a real store before this month. I preferred 'real' books. But, as you can see, I'm on issue three of this one, STARBORN, which is just as cheesy and trope-infested as it looks. It's kind of like the Cool Ranch Flavored Bag of Chips in literary literariness. I'm hoping I can get through my quarter-life crisis without becoming a comic book addict. Because (a) I really do like 'real' books, and (b) someday, I may want to grow up.

EVIL GENIUS GUIDANCE POINTER - #2 ESTABLISH A MISSPENT YOUTH.  If you didn't misspend enough of your youth, get an extension. Even if that means you get cheap cheesy comic books, that's okay. You will need it in order to (later on) tell your Evil Genius backstory when you're monologueing to your Arch Nemesis. (More on that in future issues.)


Hey, and folks, I bought me a camera battery (had to get one of those rechargeable ones that are 'specially for my camera) and you'll probably be getting photos from yours truly soon! I know... it's exciting.


  1. This post made me laugh a lot. I can't pinpoint exactly why...excecpt maybe because ESTABLISH A MISSPENT YOUTH is in all caps...

    1. Thanks, Rain. Your laughter made my day.

      I must issue a retraction, however... I got off my computer and they did NOT have issue three! Argh! So I got a different comic book instead. And I actually liked it better...

  2. They aren't comic books, they are graphic novels and all good, nerdy 20 somethings know that. At least that is what my husband tells me. He is into The Walking Dead series at the moment. I want nothing to do with them myself. I just can't get into that particular nerdfest. lol.

    1. I bought another Graphic Novel for $0.39 this morning. Totally fit my budget. :) (That term just feels so much more... sophisticated.)