Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Evil Genius' Guide to Being Evil


You know, I wasn't going to tell you guys this, but I have a collection of evil laughs. It's part of my dabbling in the theatre... if you take on a character, you can't just ACT evil, you have to LAUGH evil too. Ask me sometime to demonstrate.


So... um... today I did something that I was totally scared of getting caught doing...

I bought something off of Amazon whilst I was sitting in a Barnes and Noble cafe.

Talk about a heist, man... I was sweating .45 caliber. :) But I totally got away with it. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA...!

It was a song, actually. This one.

I pretty much buy songs one at a time, because

#1. I'm a poor pre-college student.

#2. I usually don't like every song on an album anyway.

Anyway. I love Nickel Creek... it's way mellow and delicious. Yall gotta try it.

And... oh yeah... Evil Genius's guide to being evil... um... okay, here you go.

AS DEMONSTRATED- THE BAIT AND SWITCH! The title suggested that you would be coming here to learn how to be evil... when in fact, I just wanted to talk about Nickel Creek! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-HAAA!!!

The Bait and Switch... Evil Genius trick number 1. Tune in next week... I may try to download a book off of Amazon in Barnes and Noble, which would be even more heretical and possibly get me thrown out if I get caught. (To be fair, I buy Barnes and Noble all the time, when I have money.)


  1. Barnes and Noble is heaven, but I know what you mean. All their employees, though nice, seem to have cultivated a special bookstore-denizen glare. It says, "he who ruineth our equilibrium payeth dearly."

  2. Yeah, I was thinking of bringing my kindle into Barnes and Noble for the fun of it.
    I do love invading BN but I'm an Amazon woman all the way. Evil laugh time.

  3. The Fox is my favorite Nickel Creek. And as much as I love Barnes and Noble, I totally shop amazon all the time. We have a prime membership so I get everything shipped for free with two-day delivery. It's easier than getting in my car and driving to the store.