Friday, April 20, 2012

Freestyle Blogging (with the Verne!)

Guys. Oh, my beloved readers. I so wanted to post something brilliant today. I was sitting here, thinking... dude... I should totally post something brilliant today... only, I don't know what I could post that is brilliant.


So... yah. I'm pretty much just going to freestyle it, and if something brilliant comes out, yall just thank your lucky stars, a'right?

Today, I went to a fast food restaurant. I don't actually like to eat fast food very often, but I decided to splurge. And guess what epic thing happened? The girl who took my order thought my name was Jules. How cool is that? I'm not sure where she got 'Jules' out of 'Joseph', but hey, you know what? I didn't correct her. Because... well, you know. How often do you get to be called by the first name of a famous writer? A famous old-school science fiction writer, no less? Basically one of the founding fathers of Sci-Fi?

Before this post, I'd never actually seen a picture of this guy. Isn't he a kindly looking fellow?

Yeah. So when she called out 'Jules!' I came. I got my sandwich. And I ate it in memory of the Verne. I think in the future I may give the name 'H.G.', or possibly 'Victor'. Because, see, fast food workers don't really care what your name is... she didn't even ask me. Her precise words were:

'Can I get a name for this?'

See? The question is not 'what is your name?' The question is 'What should we yell so that you know that your cholesterol-pinkslime-sawdustinthebun Burger o' Glory* is ready to kill you?'

I might even begin using the names of fictional characters. Possibly Logan, to start. Anybody out there got a favorite fictional character they'd like to trade names with for a bit? I'm thinking... Inigo. For starters.

*it was excellent, by the way. I love America. I took a good long walk afterwards. A GOOD long walk. To think about hydrogenated oils, mostly.


  1. Hey, brilliant enough for me, my friend. I need to think of a good name that would make me sound WAY more interesting. Hmm . . . Harper? I don't know. I'll have to figure something out before I get fast food again. Your first chapter of your story seemed very promising. I loved the robot dog (if that's what he was).

  2. Congratulations on your new name. Are you practicing the words "prepare to die" in the mirror yet?

    I think I'd like to be Jane Eyre. It thrills me to imagine being called Jane.

    I want a sandwich now.

    1. Since before this post. :) How awesome would it be to say 'My name is Inigo...' well, you know.

  3. If I gave the wrong name, I would probably forget what it was and by the time they started yelling it I would wonder what idiot paid for their food and then left.

  4. I love your post title! I immediately started reading your post when I saw the title. :)
    Lovely blog!


    1. Thanks - I stopped by your blog, btw... HOLY COW, you have gorgeous photography on your blog.