Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today I found motivation in the form of M&Ms. Yes. It was that kind of a writing day. But it's motivated me to rewrite something like 20 pages of my novel (and it's a bona-fide rewrite, like, nigh unto from SCRATCH, people) so I am grateful.

Where's yall's motivation come from? (That's terrible English grammar, btw. But it's perfect Southern. I speak Southern, don't you know... having spent a couple of years living in the South, I picked it up. I'm an honorary Georgia Boy. So I can talk like that if I feel like it.)


  1. Do NOT eat the green M&Ms. They are mine. I will not share the green ones. Help yourself to the rest. But she belongs to me and me alone.

    Driving motivation for me at the moment? Silencing the internal editor. I saw this guy (not mentioning any names) start something similar a couple months back and watched his word count explode. His inspiration was contagious.

    Just thought I'd share. (No, not the green ones, I said.)

    1. Thanks, Jeff. (Guys, don't tell him I already ate the green ones.)

  2. My inspiration: photographs of medieval ruins, expensive leather suitcases, and that Civil Wars song, The Violet Hour.

    Southern-speak is a very useful skill, providing hours of enjoyment. Both my parents, having grown up in the South, have done their best to eradicate their accents, but it always comes back when relatives come over.

    We fry chicken when relatives come over. :)

    1. Why do Southerners always want to get rid of their accents? I LOVE Southern. (Okay, so not always. That's a generalization. But LOTS of Southerners want to get rid of them. And I'm like... STOP! Please! You're weeding out the honeysuckle rather than the dandelions!)

      And, one tangential point here - Southern is one of the few accents that can sound both sophisticated AND backwoodsy. Jus' sayin'. Multi-purpose language.

  3. Learning the dialects down here can come quite in handy. Especially when sight seeing in the more rural areas. The natives are pretty keen on drawls.

    I had one as a wee lass... until my mother threatened to wash my mouth out with soap the next time she heard "ma, ya'll, or figer'd."

    Ahem. My inspiration?

    Scripts, codes, and programming language in general. It's like staring at a 78 El Camino's engine parts. "What in the world...."

    It gives it life. Complicatedly beautiful. ;P