Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing and Superhero Movies

Yesterday I came to this conclusion:

Writing something crappy is better than writing nothing at all. No one can edit an empty page.

Sigh. It's not the first time I've come to this conclusion. Only, I'd fallen into the rut of not writing because I was too afraid of what comes next. But conclusions are conclusions. And so I wrote, again.

Second drafts are such lovely things. I really do love to do rewrites. But this rewrite feels more like a first draft than any rewrite I've ever done. And first drafts are hard for me.


But once it's written, I can edit it. And the scene that I wrote (or rewrote?) is funny, which is good. My characters needed a breather.

On another note, I went and saw AVENGERS with my brothers Iggy and Gus. And may I just say - the special effects were TREMENDOUS, the funny moments were PRICELESS... but the story had some plot holes that didn't get filled for me. Which I've come to expect from superhero movies, but I'd hoped for better from something that's gotten this much attention and earned this much money.

And, since it's not my style to post spoilers, I'm just going to say this: if you like superhero movies, you'll like Avengers anyway. Iggy and Gus loved it. I'm a wet blanket when it comes to plot holes in big-budget films.

Personally, my top three favorite superhero movies are probably...

1. Batman Begins (Turns out, this is my sister's favorite too.)

2. Spider Man I and II (NOT three. Nooooot three.)

3. HULK (The first one they did. I loved that it was more of a drama. The second one was kind of lame.)

What's your favorite?

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  1. Not sure I have a favorite, but I really did enjoy The Avengers...

    I've been thinking about your conclusion ALL DAY LONG. ["Writing something crappy is better than writing nothing at all. No one can edit an empty page."] I've been trying to decide if I agree with it or not. I believe, for me, it depends on the degree of crappyness.

    I'm half-way through my NaNo month and am learning things that I'm not sure I wanted to know. There will be NO editing of what I've written. NONE. While you can't edit an empty page, my draft isn't worth editing. I've written better stuff on bathroom walls. (Not really, but you get my meaning.)

    There is rewriting and then there is restarting. My draft needs a complete reboot. At best, I've fleshed out a few ideas and characters that may survive the shredder. I'm okay with this and in no way regret the exercise, but I'm continuing the exercise knowing that 90-95% of what I've written will be forever relegated to pixel purgatory.

    I am, by nature, a soul seeking balance. That evidently includes my writing.

    I still have two weeks to go, however, so we'll see if I still feel the same way then. The experiment, after all, is not yet finished.