Monday, June 25, 2012


I am back from Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers.

May I just say - it was the best conference experience I have ever had, for writing and non-writing related activities. I learned so much, met so many new people, made a few good friends, and bought two new books.

Which books, you may ask?

Well, this one, for starters.

If you have a chance to read a copy of THE CLOCKWORK THREE, read it. And if you have a chance to get your copy signed by Matthew Kirby, get it signed. He's a very personal, very kind, congenial guy. And he writes brilliantly. I already knew that I wanted this book before I went to the conference, because I'd read a library copy and loved it for it's brilliance. Some writers need two or three books before they start getting really good. This is Matthew Kirby's first book, and you can't tell.

The story? The interlocking stories of a clockmaker's apprentice, a young violinist, and a hotel maid uncovering mysteries clicking within mysteries. The book runs like clockwork, and I hesitate to say anything lest I give away something. So tell you what: just go buy it. And read it. If you like steampunk lite, fantasy, and beautiful writing, this is your book.

While I was at the conference, Randall Wright, co-author of THE CHESHIRE CHEESE CAT, changed my life. During a class he gave, he taught me what I really knew all along: that I write because I love it. It sounds trite, maybe. Maybe. But I love to write. And he helped me remember that I love to write. So I bought his book and asked him to sign it for me.

Randall Wright is also a very personal writer. If you ever get the chance to meet him and have him sign a book, do it. His writing is beautiful and lyrical, with careful attention paid to every, single, word. Give him a try.

That's all for today, folks. Working on fixing my stupid car and a bunch of other fun stuff like that. Wish me luck, eh?

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