Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Post at UCW

Over on UCW, I have another post. Because, after all, I am their Thursday post-er boy.  Most Thursdays. I'm 'post to post every Thursday, but last time I missed. This week, though, I am staying at my post.

:D I have a boss who loves really bad puns. He's infected me. Give me a break, okay?

My post is titled Letting Your Book Be. And you may enjoy it. Leave me a comment if you do. If you don't, I don'wanna'hearabouddit.


And, as a point of interest, this is my 100th published post! 


  1. :::giggles::: "post-er boy"

    Congrats on the post-er count! I think 100 posts means you can now be syndicated... wait, maybe that's television episodes... :-)

  2. 100 posts is a big deal! Congrats!
    And, I'm loving your blog.

    That's all.