Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I ran over a bird today. I felt pretty bad. He exploded in puffy feathers all over the road behind me, like what happens in an old fashioned pillow fight except on a slightly smaller and more tragic scale.

A moment of silence for our dearly departed bird.

In my own defense, he could have flown faster, and my car can't fly at all. Okay? He totally had the advantage. And, as I mentioned to a very dear friend of mine, I don't care if I was in his blind spot, he shouldn't have been sitting in the middle of the freakin' road.

What have you run over recently? And how do you live with yourself?


  1. I've only been driving for about a year now, and the only thing I've run over was a glass bottle. I had a bit of a heart-attack and worried how the wheels were feeling after that... but no damage came of it, thankfully.

  2. That is tragic. I'm sorry. I have never run over any animals that I know of. The closest I've gotten is to the frogs on my street who come out when it rains. I don't know they're there until I see a little hop in the road, and then I aim for them to go under the car instead of the wheels.

  3. a few years back, a bird flew into my windshield...and i almost hit a baby turtle once. hey listen, the bird scene was unforeseen and unavoidable and from a distance, that turtle looked kinda like a rock...so yeah.