Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Post at UCW

Hey, yall. Check out my Thursday post at UCW... it's a SHOCKING expose on gamer influences and how this information can benefit ALL WRITERS.


Um, and tomorrow I'll likely post some pics of minis, progress on my steampunk junkart, and maybe even tell you what I've been writing lately. Stay tuned.


  1. Now I wish I gotten into gaming. These influences sound invaluable. I just always thought it was a waste of time and I was never interested in playing. I guess I'll just have to hunt down a gamer.

  2. Most of my writer friends (myself included) are actually gamers, although we've all gotten into the same trouble of not having much time to game anymore. But I will say, I think it has been a boon in designing world concepts. Occasionally even create D&D style 'stats' for characters, just to help me know what they can and cannot do!

  3. Looking forward to your Steampunk venture! ;)