Friday, July 6, 2012

Typing Your Novel - How Long Will It Take?

This is something that I think you'll get a kick out of. Go to this website:

And take the typing test. Now. Let's say you were able to type at that kind of breakneck speed for hours on end, and let's say that you did your complete first draft that way.

Wouldn't that be awesome? At my current rate of typing speed, using the current draft of my first true novel as a reference, I would've completed it in approximately 10.715 hours! (It's a shorter novel.)

Ah... if only...

I am sad to tell you, folks, there is far more to it than typing speed. We are artists, not secretaries. But it's fun to imagine, yah?



  1. I don't get it. Don't the rest of you writers write your books that fast? My last took twelve hours, but I DID take a break halfway through to run a marathon. Balance is key.

  2. My average typing speed is just above average. It would be faster if I didn't make somany mistates.

  3. Too early for a typing test. :-) BTW, Loved the marble post at UCW.

  4. :D At least I know that I'm a touch typer when I know what I'm writing. Hahaha, thanks for sharing this link with us. If only it meant we really could write that fast in our stories...

  5. yeah that would be nice to finish my novel in just a few hours. but then it wouldn't be as creative would it?