Friday, August 31, 2012

Life Advice from F. Enzio Busche

I feel peace when I watch this video. There is something about plain and simple truth that does that for me. This is an audio recording of a man called F. Enzio Busche, in a university address he gave about becoming who you are meant to become. He died soon after giving this speech, and I tend to think of it as his farewell address.

This speech moves me to try to live better. Sometimes I hesitate to talk about that sort of thing, not because I am afraid of showing who I really am, but because it's so personal to me, and I often feel inadequate as Christian to single myself out as one of Chirstianity's representatives.

But this speech is not just for Christians - the principles discussed here will help anybody who's having a hard day to feel hope, and for anyone with a hopeful day to feel peace. I think, after all, that's one of the main things everyone is after in this life, isn't it? To find peace and hope?

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