Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Dream T-Shirt - Today!

So I found this site that lets you design your own t-shirt.

And as I consider it, it makes me think of all the great t-shirt ideas I've had or heard of over the years.

For example, my boss at work and I came up with this one:

"Vernacular... ain't."

:) Word-nerdy. I like it.

Then there are shirts that advertise what one likes to do. I've been thinking I need one that advertises my love of miniatures games so that I can more easily network with others with similar tastes when I go to college. And I REALLY need one that talks about ballroom dancing so that I can more easily network with the ladies. I would rely on my reasonably attractive features and suave demeanor, but yall know the ladies love a manly ballroom t-shirt. Right? Right.

So tell me, dear ones: what phrase have you always secretly hoped you would find on a t-shirt so that you could buy it and show the whole world?


  1. I made a tee shirt that says: "Here's some advice. Stay alive.--Haymitch.

    I cut out tiny fabric letter and sewed them to a tee shirt and it took, like, forever. I like your idea though.

  2. Hmmm, I'd love to put particular movie quotes accompanied by pictures; stuff that only other fans would get the reference to. Like for the Watchmen movie, I'd have a picture of the Comedian's smiley-face badge with a drop of blood on it. Above, a caption reading: Is that bean juice? Below, a caption reading: That's right. Human being juice. If you aren't familiar with The Watchmen, you probably think I'm crazy... :)

    I'mma have some random fun with this website now :3