Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Stuff One Finds When One Cleans One's Room

Well, I've been cleaning and packing all day in preparation for heading off to college. I would whine about it, but y'know what? It's my own dang stuff.

Want to know some of the stuff I've found?

Well, too darned bad. I'm telling you anyway.

- A dried flower from my first formal dance.

Don't know why I've kept the thing all these years, but I have, and I'm still keeping it. The girl I took doesn't know it, but I had a mad crush on her and was taken aback when I found out she hadn't been asked to prom yet. And then, dodo that I am, I forgot to ask her what color dress she was wearing.

So I'm like, "What color vest should I wear?" At the tux shop.
The advice? "Red. Red goes with everything. Except purple."
Me: "Okay."

What was the likelihood she'd wear purple? Think of all the other colors there are to choose from. I mean, you've got red, for starters, and then blue, and yellow, and green, and white and black and chartreuse and puce and salmon and all sorts of other colors...

And then I get there to pick her up... and she's wearing -


A beautiful purple gown.

:) It was a nice date, though. The first and last date I ever took her on.

-  The first award I ever won in ballroom

It's a medal, for a team routine. I was so stoked.

- My fedora

Yes. You heard me. Only the most awesome piece of headgear ever invented.

- Some artwork I did as a teenager

And here are a couple of pieces of it.

From my second formal dance - I decided to DRAW the flower rather than KEEP it. Smart, eh?

This one is of me and my sister. It's modeled after a photo of Fred Astaire with his sister.

See? Fred Astaire and his sister Adele. She was a great dancer too. I think the story goes she decided to have a family rather than pursue fame and glory as a dancer. Don't quote me on that until you look it up and verify it.

And my beloved fedora! How I belove it!


  1. Whenever I do a serious move-out cleaning, I end up putting everything wearable I find on because it's just easier to carry that way and leaves my hands more room to pick up stuff. By the end of cleaning, I'm usually wearing more necklaces than a bling-addicted rapstar, two or three scarves, about six hair ties, some kind of sweater, twelve or so socks, a cape made of blanket tied around my neck, "rings" made of keyrings and strings and fake flowers, and one or two pieces of random fabric that I just tied in place. People have threatened to take pictures. But the place gets clean, so they can laugh all they want.

    At this point, I've moved enough that most of the 'treasures' of my youth have long since disappeared (or are still buried in my parents' closets somewhere). Put that flower somewhere safe. You won't know how much you miss it until it gets accidentally thrown away.

  2. So cute that you kept the flower and what are the chances that she would have worn purple, of all colours. Ah well, at least you still had a good time :) The pictures are pretty awesome and fedoras are amazing! They are among the coolest, classiest things on the planet. :)