Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Friends So Good You Can Part With Them

Some of the best sorts of friends are the ones that don't necessarily stick around, but the ones who you can go back to and have things be the same, after days, weeks, months, years.

My sister is one of those kinds of friends. I didn't see her for two years once. And when I came back... well, it was the same. Not perfectly the same - we'd both grown and changed in two years. But we're still the same sort of friends. She still provides a conscience for me when I forget to have one. And I still tease her and tell her funny stuff, and sometimes she laughs and sometimes she rolls her eyes and sometimes she does both.

Even now, while I'm away at college, we can go days without talking, and when we talk again, it's just like we never were apart. Things change, people change, but the friendship is consistent. Probably more because of her than because of me.

:) Here's to friendships that can last over miles and years.

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