Wednesday, January 9, 2013

49 Follower Two-Book Giveaway!

Guess what, Audience? It's time. :) Welcome, dear readers, to Joseph Ramirez's Open Writer Closet Nerd First Ever Book Giveaway!

I'm so stoked, and I hope yall are too! You have definitely been a lot in my thoughts lately as I've pondered which books to give to you. (man, I love giving books to people, it's like giving people a new friend) and couldn't decide... so finally I said 'heck, it's not like it's the only time you're ever going to do it' and decided to give TWO books this time.

First of all, I will be giving away a BRAND-NEW, HARDBACK copy (love hardbacks) of THE ALLOY OF LAW, by Brandon Sanderson. This book cries out to the steampunk nerd in all of us, blending a ridiculously awesome magic system, a remarkable city, and a culture you've never seen before - unless, of course, you've read the other MISTBORN books by Brandon Sanderson. This book is a stand-alone book. You can read it and never read the other ones and enjoy it all the same. Not that I'm saying that's what you should do. I'm just saying it's a stand-alone.

You're going to want to own this book just for the awesome cover art. Arentcha? : ) The story inside matches the artwork. Trust me.

Along with that, if you remember, I did a post way back when about saving books? 

This is one of the books I've saved, and it's one of my all time favorites. I think it's my second favorite novel ever, after Les Miserables.

It's a little scuffed around the edges. Proof of a good book - someone loved this book before I did.

Now, how to enter?

Leave a comment. Include in the comment the name of your favorite animal and why. Kudos if you make me laugh. Keep it PG. My grandma reads this blog.

Did you comment yet? Well that was easy, wasn't it? :) You just entered a book giveaway to win two free books, one brand-new and the other well-loved.

Want a better chance at winning?

Follow my blog. I'll put your name in the Fedora again. Post about this giveaway on your blog and leave a link in the comments, and I'll put your name TWICE more in the Fedora. So you can have up to four chances of winning.

Yeah, I know. It's awesome. 

When does it end?

Monday night at midnight, my time. (Mountain Standard Time.) January 14th, 2013. So hurry up and get on this one, because you only have so many days to enter, follow, post, or whatever yall want to do.


  1. My favorite animal? Kitty. (To be specific because she is my cat.) Unless we're talking about EATING IT - and then it might be COW. (This is "BARBIE")

  2. Up until this morning it was Sonnet... Then kitty decided she didn't want to eat her pill, thus beginning a half-hour session of marathon cat wrestling.

    Now it's Bard, the other cat, whose throat I did not have to try shoving a pill down six times only to find the pill not swallowed. Good boy, Bard.

  3. My favorite animal is a Koala- I thought I was one when I was little and use to climb trees (and yes I ate the leaves). In all fairness before saying I'm weird-I was only three.

  4. My favourite animals changes every day. Today it's probably a gazelle, because my boyfriend randomly calls me "My Gazelle". Over two years, and to this day, I still do not know why. :p Haha what's your favourite animal, Joseph?

  5. Not much of a commenter, but I want those books! My favorite animal is an elephant. They are so majestic and in an artistic sort of way. You know, because I'm an artist.

  6. I have and always will love turtles. When I was little my grandma used to read me a book about a turtle named Fred. Ever since them, I've always wanted to have a pet turtle. It probably won't happen, but the dream lives on.

    (This is Jordyn btw....)