Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Throw Knives

Fun little video from You-Tube on something that pretty much everybody wishes they knew how to do... knife-throwing! I've tried it. It's fun. Even for somebody who has as bad of hand-eye coordination as I do.

Some thoughts about knife throwing, before you run out and do it:

BE CAREFUL. Seriously. I, the author of this post, assume no responsibility for accident or injury that may occur while you are out there tossing knives or anything else sharp at anything. None, ya hear me? None.

Get suitable knives. Butter knives from a thrift store are a cheap and easy way to start into knife throwing. They work with the technique shown in the video... but they tend to bounce badly if you miss and hit something hard. Therefore...

Get a suitable target. Something with depth is good - perhaps an archery target. A huge chunk of styrofoam may be tempting, but knives will DESTROY a large chunk of styrofoam and make a humongous mess. Trust me. I tried it.

Find a suitable place. Outside, most likely. Away from pets, kids, and expensive vehicles.


  1. That's actually seriously cool :) haha I'd better make sure I'm in a very secluded and uninhabited area if I ever try this... I really want to try it now :D

  2. Oh, my kid is not seeing this. He loves weapons--owns at least 3 air-soft guns, an Aragorn sword, a King-Arthur dagger, a blow-gun, sling-shot, and serious bow. (No, it's not my fault. Really). He does not need anything else to inflame that passion. I can just picture our backyard fence, all full of knives...

  3. I got a throwing ax for Christmas from my husband. Yeah. It stumped me too. But I guess I need to get out there and learn to throw it. You know, in case of zombies and all that...

    I'm guessing you have some throwing knives in your current WIP?

  4. Hey! So I just now saw your comment on my blog. I don't visit it that much! But is like to start:)
    Cool post by the way.