Monday, March 31, 2014

60,000 Plotted Words... in April

I learned how to plot in March.

I think. I haven't tested it yet.

So now here's the test: can I take the novel which I have outlined in the last month, and turn it into a real, readable book in this month? I've never plotted out a novel before, because for years I thought I was a freewriter, a pantser, a write-it-as-it-comes guy. But I have evaluated myself, and I've evaluated the writing I've done over the past eight years, and it turns out that my best writing is done when I (among other things) know what I'm going to write next.

Who knows what will happen? All I know is that by the end of April my goal is to have 60,000 readable words of a young adult novel, with a beginning, middle, and end that I would be happy to have someone read. It's time I followed a blueprint.

I'm keeping a word count widget on my blog, and I'll post my thoughts about what I am learning about plotting and structure while I'm conducting this experiment. Some of the scenes have already been written. I'll be taking the train wreck of my last NaNoWriMo and rebuilding it as a colossal scrap golem. (Doesn't that sound like fun?)

If it works, fantastic. If not... then I'll come at it again a different way, and continue to do so, until I have taught myself what I need to know to paint the pictures and write the songs that I have in my head. :)

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! I just tried something like this. I hope it works for you!