Wednesday, April 9, 2014

To Be Both a Plotter AND a Pantser

Work has proceeded today. It's been good. I haven't made the progress I would have liked to have made by now, but I have made progress. So far the lesson has been 'don't get overwhelmed with world-building or plotting'. There is so much detail that needs to be written, that must match and correlate and make some sort of logical sense beyond the Rule of Cool.

But you know what? That's okay. Worrying about it so far ahead is, at least for me, like worrying about the mural I'm going to paint on one wall before I even have the foundation poured for the house. It'll happen. No worries. Take it easy. Relax. I know where I'm going, and the things that need to happen to make this story what it needs to be will all fall into place.

I'm considering adjustment of the end goal - I could do 60,000 words this month, being almost a third of the way through my goal, but I'd prefer to have quality over quantity. Although quantity rocks. I may just leave the 60,000 words goal as something to push myself towards, but if I only get out 30,000 words this month I'm not going to beat myself up. Maybe I'll give myself an extension into May. I've been writing like I used to write before I got all worried - paying a lot more attention to the little things in the writing, rather than worrying about whether or not I'm going to be able to manage the Big Strokes of the story, the great arcs that MUST occur.

I think that making the Big Strokes beforehand has given me the ability to discovery write my way along them. And so, I discover (hah!) that I am a discovery writer who must plot.

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