Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New cover!

Guys, I have had many adventures since the last time I posted here. :) TOO MANY ADVENTURES. I would prefer that next time, I don't have so many. They make excellent writing fodder, but they make it very difficult to write.

Anyway, if this blog still reaches anyone, I wanted to tell you that I have a new cover now, and I love it. I commissioned an artist to create the couple, (aren't they adorable?) got it as a PNG file, and used the (pretty basic) graphic design skills I've taught myself over the last two years to put together a cover that fits my book.

Manga influenced artwork FTW!!!

I'll be rolling out a new print edition as well, with a similar design, but more artwork. 

In celebration, I'm running a Kindle Countdown Deal - starting on the 14th, you can get the book for 99 cents. 

I'm thinking of putting together a post about how to work with freelance artists - there are some things I've learned that may be helpful for any indie writers out there. Thoughts?

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