Saturday, August 27, 2016

Movie Night with Lovely Wife

Yeah, the movie 'I.Q.' came out forever ago. But my Lovely Wife picked it up at the library, and we watched it together for Date Night. I kind of get a kick out of watching/analyzing chick flicks and Lovely Wife is always down for a love story.

Oh, MAN. This movie was NOT OUR FAVORITE. This is the single biggest waste of Meg Ryan I have ever sat through. Seriously, guys, Meg's typically awesome, and this movie SQUANDERED her charisma and talent. It also missed out on making Albert Einstein someone of interest - he felt flat and hollow too. And don't get me started on Meg's love interest. Dude came off as a creeper.

45 minutes in, I starting going Mystery Science Theater 3000 on this movie. And then I realized was riffing on a movie that Lovely Wife had picked. Probably rude. I really need to think ahead on these things...

"Oh, sorry," I said, turning to Lovely Wife. "Um... do you care if I make fun of this movie? Because it's really, really bad."

She married me because I'm blunt. At least, that's what I keep saying.

She shook her head. "Nope. This movie sucks. I'm bored. Please make fun of it."

Ahh... marital bliss. To hate the same movies your true love hates! So me and Lovely Wife laughed and face-palmed and groaned in shared chagrin through this painful movie. Poor Meg Ryan. We won't bring it up if we ever meet her IRL.

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  1. Just the other week we took our 2 year old son to watch the new movie Pets. Well, the theater made a mistake. As we sat through all these adult R rated previews all the sudden Sausage Party started playing instead of Pets. At least they gave us our money back.