Thursday, February 16, 2017

Closer by Walk Off the Earth

For some reason, I prefer this cover of 'Closer' by the AWESOME band Walk Off The Earth over the original. Is it the kazoos?

And for some reason, this song feels to me like it's the theme song of my generation - it's infused with sadness, and lost opportunity, and a bitterness that the song is trying to ignore, or drown out. It just feels like a song that Millennials would write - desperate to forget an onrushing future, wishing to forget a trail of mistakes, trying just to soak in the now, fill the emptiness with something, anything, because sometimes forgetfulness hurts less than reality.

Yep. And Walk Off the Earth nails it. If any of them are Millennials, they're on the older end, but they captured the longing of this song perfectly.

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