Monday, February 6, 2017

Dustin Hansen - Game Designer, Artist and Writer

I went to a book signing the other day, and Dustin Hansen was there. It was the coolest book signing event I've ever been to.

This are his middle-grade book titles (click on them to go to the Amazon page).

He's written this cool middle-grade series, about tiny dinosaurs that a scientist keeps in his backyard. I would have gone NUTS to get my hands on a series like this when I was his target audience age. He also illustrated it, and had cool art up all around, along with tiny terrariums with tiny little dinosaurs in them. He even gave one of the terrariums away in a drawing.

Also, there was cake.

I got a chance to talk with him afterward - he's a genuinely friendly guy, and had some great recommendations as to how to assemble a solid writing group. I liked him immediately.

Go see his tumblr page at He's also got an awesome book about the history of video games - and since Dustin is a video game designer, writer, AND illustrator, this book is knowledgeable, well-written, and beautifully designed.

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