Wednesday, January 3, 2018

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN: Zac Efron Only Dates Forbidden Women

No, really, hear me out. Actually, hear my sister out, because she's the one who made the connection, today after we saw 'The Greatest Showman'.

Let's connect the dots.


Who does Zac Efron play? Uh, Troy Bolton, the Jock Who Can Also Sing. And who does Troy date? The NERD GIRL. But jocks don't date nerds at whatever that school is! Nerds are forbidden, Zac!


In your face, crowd of haters. Zac Efron's character CAN DATE NERDS IF HE WANTS. Although it takes him the whole freakin' movie to figure out that Vanessa Hudgens is worth getting teased by his teammates.


Who's he playing? Some sixties heartthrob. I don't remember, really. Only saw it once. And who's he dating? Well, a girl with a non-Hollywood standard body type.

In your face, crowd of haters. Zac Efron's character DATES GIRLS WITH WHATEVER BODY TYPE HE FEELS LIKE. Although, again, it takes him the whole freaking movie to figure that out. 


The Greatest Showman is set in the 1800s. When the crowd of haters did things like hang people for dating outside their race.

Yeah well, up yours, racist 1800s haters. The Zac's character in THIS movie dates ZENDAYA. 

And, all things being honest, I'd be bravin' racist 1800's haters, if'n I were him.

I'm just sayin'. 

The Greatest Showman was my personal favorite film of 2017. Despite a few(!) departures from actual history (promise me that we are not foolish enough to rely on Hollywood for history!) it's great. 

TANGENT: Hollywood isn't there to educate us on history, and I tend to get ticked off when they try because most of the time they botch it, with a few exceptions. Hollywood is there to entertain us and to make us feel things, and if I want to learn the history they present me with I go get it from better sources.

Sorry... that was a tangent. Back on track.

The Greatest Showman is fantastic. Also, I hear somebody outside my window AS I AM TYPING THESE WORDS, and she is singing 'Never Enough' and she sounds pretty good. It's a great song. Go see The Greatest Showman.

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