Friday, February 1, 2019

Lydia Tischler, Holocaust Survivor: "They didn't succeed in making me a victim."

Thursday morning I found myself preparing a presentation on the Holocaust for my high school students, at the request of the history teacher. It was heavy research, and painful. Though I am rather familiar with the Holocaust for someone of my generation, it always hurts to go back to it. 

But, on this journey back, I found someone very beautiful, as one often does in the dark parts of human history.

I have watched this interview twice now, once in preparation for my presentation, and once with my students. 

I have not seen a trace of anger in her. 

Of all the people who might have a 'right' to be angry, she could. But, in this interview, she is filled with peace, and she says, in quiet, matter-of-fact strength:

"They didn't succeed in making me a victim. I'm a survivor, which is something very different."

I am a little afraid to wish for, or to ask God to give me, that peace and that strength, for perhaps they only come out of enduring something as horrific as Auschwitz. But I would like to consider and keep her example with me, because when I have to face horrific things, I would like to face them and come through with that sort of grace and courage.

What an amazing, beautiful soul.

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